Currently, visitation is by appointment only.

Please call (609) 836-6100 x6116 for assistance in scheduling your visitation.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Our goal at Buttonwood is to provide your loved one with the care and tools he or she needs to recover and thrive. We know that it can a stressful time for family and loved ones, and we make every effort to keep family members informed and involved for the duration of the patient’s stay. However, we are fully compliant with all state and federal HIPAA and confidentiality rules.

Visiting hours are generally seven days weekly 6:00 – 8:00 pm, health conditions permitting.

Two Males Hugging

Please be aware of the following:

Patients have the right to receive or restrict visitors.
No more than two visitors per patient are allowed at a time
Food or beverages are not allowed during visits.
All visitors must show ID before being allowed to enter
Depending on a patient’s psychiatric status, the treatment team may restrict or limit visits; such action will be reviewed with patient
Items that may be hazardous or used in self-harm such as pens, pencils, lighters, or glass or sharp objects are not permitted.
Visitors may not bring any packages, handbags, etc. to the visiting area. Personal items not remaining in visitor’s vehicle will be subject to a search.
Packages brought for patients will be inspected for contraband and dietary restrictions by nursing and/or security staff. An inventory will be recorded by nursing staff before it is given to patient.