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Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital is an acute psychiatric care hospital that provides professional mental health care for adults of all ages. Buttonwood offers treatment for a full range of mental health conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, acute psychosis, suicidal impulses, among others. The core of our success is our highly experienced clinical team whose unparalleled expertise in providing effective treatment yields positive outcomes. Buttonwood has earned the acclaim of mental health professionals as well as the gratitude of hundreds of patients and family members.

Patients may be admitted voluntarily, although often it becomes necessary for a concerned family member or friend to intervene on behalf of a loved one who is at risk of harming himself or others.

Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital is situated in scenic Burlington County, NJ, on serene country-like grounds. The self-contained 30-bed hospital comprises its own separate wing within a larger campus that also houses a skilled nursing facility. The beautiful setting, small patient population, friendly atmosphere, and compassionate dedicated staff make Buttonwood feel more like a warm home rather than an institution. This unique environment is conducive to healing and recovery and plays an important role in helping patients achieve their therapeutic goals.

Our staff includes

Clinical psychiatrists


Advance Practice Nurses

Registered Nurses

Licensed Clinical Social Workers