Although Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital provides outstanding care for adults aged 45 years and older, we place a special focus on caring for the geriatric population. As people grow older, their cumulative life experiences and changing perspectives can have a significant impact on their emotional and social well-being.

The geriatric population has its own unique sensitivities, life issues, and mental health challenges that must be perceived and dealt with through the prism of that population's mindset. Sometimes, the same conditions faced by other individuals can be compounded with co-occurring conditions that may mandate a very different course of treatment.

At Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital, we specialize in providing psychiatric care for the geriatric population. Our outstanding staff is especially sensitive to the needs and sensitivities of seniors, and our clinicians have the experience and expertise needed to provide effective, results-oriented treatment.

Significantly, Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital has the medical resources and personnel to effectively deal with the physical ailments that can often complicate a senior patient's condition. 

Unlike typical institutions, Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital is a small 30-bed facility, offering the unique advantage of a warm, family-like environment. This is especially conducive in the treatment of geriatric patients, who respond well to a familiar, friendly setting. Additionally, the age commonality of the patient body fosters a greater sense of security and calmness.