Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital is a valuable resource for long-term care facilities, screening or crisis centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and other senior care settings. Buttonwood specializes in the effective treatment of geriatric patients facing a broad variety of mental health challenges, including temporary behavioral situations that are too challenging for long-term care or other facilities to deal with.

It is not uncommon for elderly patients to undergo temporary periods of behavioral instability. In such cases, Buttonwood serves the crucial role of helping to stabilize patients and reinforce positive behaviors.

Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital is a goal-oriented facility. Rather than merely stabilizing patients and then discharging them, our clinical team addresses root causes with the goal of long-term behavior modification. Each patient is assessed upon admission to determine an individualized care plan with specific behavioral goals.

The interdisciplinary team convenes regularly to monitor progress, and modifies the plan components as needed.

The team uses an integrated therapy approach to help achieve the ultimate goal of patients' successful and sustained reintegration into their previous setting. Significantly, the team also provides facilities and caregivers with a follow-up maintenance plan upon patient's discharge from Buttonwood. This valuable follow-up is crucial in ensuring sustained results in behavior modification.

It's not surprising that psychiatrists, practitioners, and major medical centers throughout New Jersey refer their geriatric patients to Buttonwood Behavioral Health Hospital for all their mental health care needs.